RAD140 | 60 Capsules x 5mg

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Rad-140, also known as Testolone, has been shown in animal studies to increase lean bodyweight during the period of administration.  SARMs bind to the androgen receptor and demonstrate osteo and myo anabolic activity.  Binding and activation of the androgen receptor alters the expression of genes and increases protein synthesis.

Components of Single Pill: RAD-140 5 mg, Glutamine 399 mg, Gelatin Capsule 96 mg

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1 review for RAD140 | 60 Capsules x 5mg

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Dan R. (verified owner)

    Just finished a 12 week cycle of RAD140 Stacked with MK677 and LGD4033 This stuff is legit My Rat gained 12lbs. during cycle and the strength gains were crazy. 275 bench to 315. Very productive cycle 12 lbs. of Lean weight gain with very little water retention. Starting weight 184lbs ending at 196lbs, and can still see my abs. GREAT PRODUCTS!!

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